Sunday, October 18, 2009

Day 1 at the Verona Library

Day 1:

First day at the Verona library was relatively quiet. There was an activity for kids that started about an hour after opening, but not many people were there when the library opened. I got acquainted with the computer system, took a tour of the library, and then proceeded to man the desk for the next four hours. All of the questions I got were fairly standard. Most of them were of the “Do you have this book?” variety with a few “Where do you keep this series?” thrown in. All questions easily answered by using the circulation catalog. I did have a little trouble remembering the layout of the section, so I did make a few overly round trips to escort patrons around the library, but did manage to find everything in fairly good time. I was not familiar with a lot of the different series that kids were requesting, so I used NoveList and some of the other databases to read reviews. Those reviews gave me a better idea of what series are popular so when kids came by (or rather their parents) asking for a particular book I knew what some of the more requested series were.

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