Tuesday, December 15, 2009

the future of libraries

Well, I enjoyed the practical suggestions that people made for learning to integrate with a changing and shifting future. What Miller said in his article about not shifting quickly with every trend makes a good point about the unstable nature of technology. What seems so common and popular today, may be gone tomorrow with something completely different to replace it. So, when I read articles like the one by Schultz, I am excited at the thought of being able to be so integrated with the culture, but wary about charting a course to her vision of the future. What I do admire about her vision is its dedication to meeting people where they are. I just think that where people are in this day and age changes so quickly that we are not entirely sure where we are. That's why I liked Reimer's article about metadata and being able to better utilize bibliographic information. I can see the concrete benefits of his suggestions. I'm not sure what I think library 2.0 is. Not necessarily something as experiential as what Schultz envisions, but something that utilizes Reimers ideals about information sharing.

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