Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I like this site. Video and print versions of the recipes are available so if one does not want to watch a video about how to make pork fried rice, you can just exercise your eyes. Most of the otehr cooking sites I've seen, cooks.com recipies.com, don't offer video so that could be a nice option for a new cook. The restaurant recommendations that they offer only for a couple of cities so I felt slightly cheated by that since the thriving metropolis of Madison, WI is not one of them. This may be a small thing, but I find it annoying that the site mixes metric and non-metric measurements and does not provide a conversion table. Also, 366 recipes is not that many. Most cooking sites I've been to have a lot more, but making a video version of each recipe would be very time consuming.

This site might go well as a companion to a basic recipe book for a beginning cook.

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