Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Okay, I'm struggling with figuring out why this search tool is more effective than google. I suppose that using this tool would help eliminate sites that contain erroneous or badly organized information, but you still have to trust the person who created the rollyo to have done his/her homework, so I would still review the site for accuracy before trusting it.

There can't be a rollyo for every search that someone would want to perform. For instance, I was researching popular restaurants in a certain downtown block of St. Louis, MO for work, and there isn't a rollyo for that. First, you would need to ascertain whether or not a rollyo exists for a particular topic before it can be used. Frankly, unless a roll can be found quickly it doesn't seem worth it to try and locate one and use it to search.

Also, the site did not work very well for me. I received an error message every time I tried to conduct a search.

One way I could see a site like this being useful would be to create rollyos for homework/homework help, science fair projects, things like that.

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