Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Well, I didn't find hardly any learning 2.0 blogs despite the many blogs that the site listed. The directory seemed to say it all for me: entertainment is mostly what the blog is about with business running it a close second. Nothing wrong with that. Obviously, science, technology, and politics are also a signficant part of the blogosphere, but it seems that thus far, the people who have taken the most energy to make sure that their blog is being spread around are those in the entertainment industry.

Now, that does not meant that other kinds of blogs do not exist, perhaps merely that they are not part of technorati. So, when everyone starts adding technorati tags to their posts, they will become a part of the system. I still struggle with using blogs as sources of reliable information, but it is the way of the future, and if nothing else it obviously stimulates a lot of conversation. Personally I am not sure that I find their search engine to be that good, but the way that individuals label or tag their blogs is probably as responsible for that as anything. So, not only do librarians and those who are publishing educational blogs need to be posting good information, but they need to be taking the time to tag and label it properly so it can be found easily.

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