Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Well, the 23 things have been interesting. Not as much fun as the weekly explorations but one cannot have everything in life. These serve well as introductions to certain types of technology. They might be more helpful and useful to people who are not comfortable just trying out new things on a whim, but can be a little tedious for people who are familiar with what these things are. However, I am grateful that they have forced me into looking into forms of electronic information sharing that I would otherwise not have touched with a ten foot pole. I think that the most useful items were the ones about blogs, wikis, and online documents since I see those as being the ones that people would find most useful. I found them personally to be the most interesting.

As far as life-long learning goals go, I think that librarything.com might be a tool that I would use long-term for book recommendations. When I'm not sure about what shoudl be read next, I often just fall back on reading my old favorites again and again and the opportunity to read recommendations and exchange reading lists with others in my free time might motivate me to try reading something I would not think to try on my own.

If an update of this program was offered in another three years or so I would probably find it helpful and be interested in reviewing the items that I was not already familiar with.

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