Saturday, December 12, 2009


Ok. I have now joined Twitter (iwonttweet). Another thing I said I would never do I have done. I have to admit at this point I am only following Badger Sports and SI_Fantasy updates, but at least this is something to get my feet wet with. Somehow I just can't see myself using this for anything too profitable, but as I am not at all familiar with the kinds of things that people actually Tweet about, I guess I am being slightly judgmental and should see what kinds of things are actually available.

So, to comment on the habit that I think I would have the hardest time with, it would probably be "using technology to your advantage." Not that I don't love technology; I do. It is just that I really only like to figure out the technology that interests me (hence I have only been on Facebook for about a month). That sort of mindset could really hold me back though since at a reference desk one must be prepared to answer all sorts of questions about technology and I have an obligation to help them find the answer. I suppose what it true of anyone is true of the librarian; motivation to learn is hinged upon interest in the subject.

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